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Good Morning!

Some days, it feels as though anything is possible. The rising sun seems to herald the fulfillment of all your inner desires. That precious sensation is our reason for being. A Vispring bed is much more than a supremely comfortable mattress. It is the precondition and catalyst for a full and healthy life.

Each day that follows a night in one of our beds is full of potential, rich in emotions, and alive with positive energy. For over 100 years, we have been crafting beds for every taste and particularity. Choosing yours could be the best decision you ever make. For your Vispring is not just a luxurious piece of furniture. it is a way of discovering the very best of yourself.

Comfort Designed Just for You

Finding the right comfort is all about support. The perfect mattress should mold to your body at night, and have enough resistance and durability to revert to its normal shape during the day. Vispring beds are made-to-order to suit your body type and needs, from the size of the mattress to the unique combination of natural filling and resilient springs inside. Setup a personal bed fitting appointment with our team to start creating your one-of-a-kind mattress and discover the amazing benefits of a great night's sleep.

Note: Vispring personal bed fittings are only available at the SlumberWorld Beretania and Pearlridge locations.

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Made to Measure

Luxury starts with extreme attention to detail. All Vispring beds are constructed by hand with a unique combination of spring tension, filling, and fabric to create your made-to-order mattress. The men and women behind these beds have trained for years to become experts in their craft, mastering difficult techniques to give you a superior mattress. Hand-applied side stitching is one of many meticulous details our skilled technicians provide, adding much-needed support to the mattress edges, strength that is only achieved on lesser mattresses through the use of a metal rod. The result is a tailored, luxurious mattress designed specifically for your unique body to help you achieve the best sleep of your life.

Over a Century of Tradition

As the name suggests, springs are a key ingredient in Vispring bespoke beds. In a process practically unchanged since they invented the original pocket spring in 1901, Vispring creates their own springs from the finest Vanadium steel. The springs are honey-comb nested inside natural cotton calico pockets, which mould the mattress to your body by night and readopt their original shape during the day to preserve the bed's structure for years to come. With nine different wire gauges, 58 distinct spring types, and different spring layer options to choose from, we'll help you find the perfect spring tensions for you and your partner.


The Finest Natural Materials

From raw silk and warm cashmere to springy horsetail and supple bamboo, Vispring uses the finest natural materials for its beds. Vispring mattresses do not contain any synthetic foam or glue, relying on hand-selected organic materials to create your one-of-a-kind bed. You'll sleep extra soundly knowing each night's amazing sleep was created from a combination of natural materials and resilient springs.

Wool Premium 100% fleece wool is used in every Vispring bed, for long-lasting structure and comfort. Long-recognized as one of the finest materials for bed upholstery, wool works to keep you warm in winter and cooler in summer, with properties like in-built bounce to resist pressure.
Horsehair With its inherent strength and springiness, horsehair makes for the perfect mattress filling. Vispring selects only the finest horsehair by hand, teasing the coils open and blending them with other natural fibers to deliver a bed with amazing softness, support, and breathability.
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