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PureCare at SlumberWorld

PureCare® designs essential elements necessary to create a healthy sleep environment. PureCare mattress and pillow protectors, sheets, mattress toppers and pillows - all of which combine superior technology, innovation and the highest quality materials - are revolutionary to today’s health conscious consumers and allergy sufferers. PureCare continues to change the conversation in the sleep essentials industry to focus on health and wellness and has introduced the first Limited Lifetime Stain Warranty. PureCare is proud to manufacture the official mattress and pillow protectors of the National Sleep Foundation.


PureCare mattress and pillow protectors are endorsed by over 12,000 physicians nationwide for our unmatched protection against allergens, bed bugs, dust mites, bacteria, fungi and mold and mildew. Our products are continuously tested by Dr. Philip M. Tierno Jr., Director of Clinical Microbiology & Immunology at New York University Langone Medical Center and author of the book, The Secret Life of Germs. Observations and Lessons from a Microbe Hunter. PureCare takes the health and wellness of our customers seriously, and we continue to create groundbreaking products that help you create a haven of comfort and health in your sleep environment. Mix and match our premium mattress and pillow protectors, sheets, mattress toppers and pillows for the ideal blend of protection and comfort that only PureCare can offer.