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Save up to $1,200 with qualifying purchase.
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Lifestyle Power Bed Base Service

Whether you've experienced better sleep, less back pain, or enjoy working on your laptop and watching tv in bed, you've fallen in love with the adjustable base lifestyle, so now it's time to protect it. Our ten year lifestyle power bed base service plan is designed to give you peace of mind, covering repairs and replacements of the motorized base. Explore the details below to learn more about the service plan coverage and how to make a claim.

Service Plan Coverage

Based on the purchase of the 10 Year LIFESTYLE BED BASE Service Plan, we guarantee to the owner of the new adjustable bed base that S.O.S. WARRANTY SERVICES INC. will provide service for the applicable coverages for your service plan option. Service steps are:

STEP 1: Attempt to repair;

STEP 2: Replace if Step #1 is unsuccessful.

This service plan applies solely to the electronic and/or motor components and mechanisms of an adjustable bed base. This service plan will be applicable if a lifestyle bed base becomes inoperable or fails to perform its intended functions due to mechanical or electrical failure; or a defect in either the materials or workmanship, after the original manufacturer's warranty has been fulfilled.

Service Plan Features


10 Year Plan

dollar sign

No Deductible


In Home Service Where Available


100% Parts and Labor

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SURGE Protection



Repair: In the event the adjustable bed base covered under this service plan becomes inoperable or fails to function as intended, a service claim must be submitted within 14 days of noticing the problem using one of the 4 easy ways to make a service claim as outlined below. We will have the adjustable bed base professionally serviced by an authorized technician, at no charge to the owner of this service plan. Parts used to repair the covered adjustable bed base may be new, used, refurbished or non-original.

Replacement: In the event the adjustable bed base that is covered under the terms and conditions of this service plan cannot be serviced by an authorized repair technician, and, if and only if, the claim is made within the applicable service plan term, we will authorize a one time replacement of the item, as required, in order to fulfill the terms and conditions of this service plan. Please note we cannot guarantee an exact color match because of color variation in dye lots. Replacement products may be new or refurbished products that perform to factory specifications of the original adjustable bed base.

Surge Protection: In the event the adjustable bed base covered under this service plan becomes inoperable due to a power surge, the terms and conditions for service will apply and service will be provided as outlined above.

Lemon Clause: In the event the adjustable bed base covered under this service plan requires three (3) service repairs for the same problem or issue after the manufacturer’s original warranty has expired, at the discretion of SOS Warranty Services Inc. the item will be replaced, if a fourth repair for the same issue is required.

Four Easy Ways to Make a Service Claim

Have your original store invoice number readily available and do one of the following within 14 days of the adjustable bed base becoming inoperable or failing to function as intended:

1. If you own an APPLE or ANDROID smart phone or tablet, download the FREE "SERVICE BY EXCELSIOR" APP from your respective APP store. Submit your claim by completing all the required fields on the APP including attachment of a photo if possible.

2. Go to and follow the prompts/buttons (ENGLISH - SUBMIT - USA - REGISTER NOW). Submit your claim by creating an account, registering the coverable item(s) and then completing all the required fields on the 'submit a claim' form, including a photo if possible.

3. Contact our Customer Care Department at 1-800-661-7313, press option 2 to reach your dedicated Customer Service Specialist, who will be more than happy to start the claim process with you. Our call center is open on regular business days, Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm eastern time. All other hours, we would recommend using option 1, option 2, or option 4.

4. Email a Customer Service Specialist the details of your issue and contact information at or

At a certain stage in the service process, the owner of this service plan may be required to provide proof of purchase in the form of the original invoice, which provides relevant information about the item being serviced and details on the manufacturer that may expedite the time delay required to provide service. Additionally, the owner agrees to reasonably cooperate with S.O.S Warranty Services Inc. and/or Phoenix A.M.D. International Inc. in their efforts to perform their obligations under this service plan.

Limit of Liability

  • The present service plan applies only to the original item purchased and is deemed as having fulfilled its obligations once the original item covered by this service plan has been replaced or has incurred repair expenses that equal the original purchase price of the applicable adjustable bed base.

  • In the event of providing repair or replacement service, neither S.O.S. Warranty Services Inc., nor Phoenix A.M.D. International Inc. nor the retailer is responsible for dye lot variations of any materials or finishes or the availability of matching the original materials used in the original warranted item.

  • Approved repairs are limited to the original purchase price of the inoperable piece only. Approved replacements are for the adjustable bed base only and do NOT include any “pairs” or “sets” of mattresses purchased at the same time as the adjustable bed base.

  • In the event of replacement service, should the original item no longer be available, the owner will be asked to reselect a new similar replacement adjustable bed base, equal to the original purchase price of the approved item, from the retail location of the original purchase; otherwise, S.O.S. Warranty Services Inc., at its sole option, will refund a pro-rated portion (based on the age of the applicable item) of the purchase price as identified on the original invoice.

  • The original purchase price referred to is as identified on the original invoice less taxes.

  • In the event of replacement service, the original item becomes the property of S.O.S. Warranty Services Inc. The owner of this service plan may be given the option to purchase a new service plan for the new replacement item.


This service plan does NOT cover or apply to:

  • Commercially used (non-typical residential) adjustable bed bases.

  • Stains of any kind on an adjustable bed bases. Including stains that are caused at the time of delivery;

  • Adjustable bed bases that have been mishandled, abused or poorly maintained are not eligible for service.

  • Odors are excluded.

  • Exclusions include normal wear and tear, damage that is deemed by a professional technician to be non-accidental or deliberate in nature, non-electronic or non-mechanical defects; loss or damage caused by external causes such as but not limited to acts of nature such as floods, fires etc...; problems described as premature fabric failure, seam separation including rips and tears along a seam line or other non-electronic or non-mechanical defects; discoloration, animal damage; and/or scratches and dents.

  • All work performed by a non-authorized repair technician is excluded.

  • S.O.S. Warranty Services Inc. is not responsible for the delay of any ordered parts that are beyond their control.

  • This service plan does not apply to mattresses.

  • Also excluded are claims associated with fraud, hostilities, confiscation by authorities, risk of contraband, illegal activities, radioactive contamination and natural disasters such as floods, fire, etc.... Consequential or indirect damage of whatever kind, bodily injury or property damage to third parties, punitive damage and legal fees.

  • “NO FAULT FOUND”: In the event that the plan owner requests a service call and that a) the authorized technician finds no problem with the adjustable bed base or its parts, the plan owner will be responsible for paying the cost of the service call based on the prevailing rate within the industry at the time of the service request including, but not limited to, any charges for parts, labor and mileage expenses incurred if applicable.