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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What sizes are available?

A. Most of our beds are available in all sizes (click for size chart). Some "top of the line" beds are available in Queen and King only.

Q. Can I use my existing foundation? (box spring)

A. If your current "box spring" is more than ten years old it was probably designed to work with a traditional "wire tied" mattress. Most modern mattresses require a solid foundation. Ask your SlumberWorld bedding expert for advice.

Q. How much can I save if I don't need the foundation?

A. Usually the foundation is only about 20% of the set price. The money saved can sometimes be used toward a more attractive and practical way to support the bed. SlumberWorld offers a "Free Platform Upgrade" on bed sets of $799 or more. Ask your SlumberWorld bedding expert for details.

Q. How long should a bed last?

A. A good bed should be supportive for the life of the warranty. However, the "support life" will be longer than the "comfort life." The bed's comfort will usually be seriously compromised about half way through the warranty period.

Q. How long are bed warranties?

A. Bed warranties are longer than any other household item. The warranty is usually ten years or longer. However, only the basic support integrity of the bed is guaranteed. Warranties are written to exclude what we call normal upholstery wear and tear. The ticking (outer fabric) of the bed is almost never covered. Stains or abuse will void any manufacturer's warranty.

Q. How can I make my bed last longer?

A. Use a good quality mattress protector. "Spinning" and "flipping" is not necessary with most modern mattresses.

Q. How can I keep my bed dust mite (allergy) free?

A. Use one of the new "film" type mattress protectors. We recommend the Phoenix Nouveaux. Wash your linens regularly. Use a latex or memory foam pillow.

Q. Can I use my existing mattress on an adjustable base?

A. Probably not. Adjustable mattresses are made without border wires to allow the flexibility required to bend. A regular mattress can be permanently damaged by using it as an adjustable bed.

Q. What if I’m not satisfied with the comfort or feel of my new bed?

A. SlumberWorld offers our customers "120 Nights Comfort Guarantee."

Q. Is delivery included?

A. SlumberWorld includes delivery and set up on any mattress or bed set of more than $699.

Q. What can I do with my old bed?

A. SlumberWorld will pick up and dispose of your bed for a reasonable disposal fee. Most charitable organizations are usually not interested in used beds.